Here are some of the questions we are often asked, hope they are of help.


1. Question: How long does it take?

    Answer: It varies according to the product, quantity and decoration type. All times given on the price pages are after art sign off.

2. Question:What is the mimimum quantity I can do?

    Answer:Generally shown on the pricing page. As a rule of thumb the less expensive the item the higher the minimum quantity.

3. Question:Should I embroider, print, engrave or badge my item?

    Answer: That is a tough one as it often comes down to what your logo will look like on the item. Best bet is to e-mail us the logo so we can advise.

4. Question:What art do I need to supply and in what format?

    Answer:Artwork formats are varied and complicated. In general if your embroidering an item a simple JPEG will suffice. Any other decoration method will require vector art. Many times people have lost the vector art and have what they have. All is not lost we can get artwork and logos redrawn and tidied up to get you going. There is an additional cost for this service.

5. Question: What are PMS colours?

    Answer: PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. It is an international reference system to achieve the exact same color worldwide. If you had a logo designed the artist would of assigned PMS colors for you.


Any Other questions please contact us!!

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